About us

Tanitex was born as a result of the passion, effort and dedication of a woman who has dedicated a large part of her life to rhythmic gymnastics and who has been able to capture her experience and creativity in each of the leotards she designs.

Tanit Pérez, founder of Tanitex, is a former gymnast, national coach and national judge, who has experienced rhythmic gymnastics from within. He knows every detail, every movement, every emotion experienced in a competition and he has been able to transfer all of this to his designs.

But Tanitex is not only the result of Tanit Pérez's experience in rhythmic gymnastics. It is also the fruit of his artistic facet inherited from his mother, a highly prestigious painter. Hence, each Tanitex leotard is a work of art in itself, with hand-painted details and embedded rhinestones that make each design unique and special.

Since its creation 15 years ago, Tanitex has managed to establish itself as a reference firm in the world of rhythmic gymnastics at an international level. Their leotards have been worn by gymnasts from all over the world in top-level competitions and have received recognition from coaches, judges and fans of this sport.

But Tanitex is much more than a leotard design and manufacturing company. It is the reflection of the passion, effort and dedication of a woman who has managed to capture her love for rhythmic gymnastics in each of her designs. And that shows in every jersey that leaves his workshop.