Collection: Works of Art Rhythmic Gymnastics

It is an honor to present to you this collection of works of art, which is born from the passion for a sport and the love between mother and daughter. Each piece is the result of a unique and special collaboration between a talented painter, María Ángeles Serna, and her daughter, designer Tanit Pérez.

Rhythmic gymnastics has been a fundamental part of this family's life, and through these works of art, they have wanted to convey their love and dedication to this sport. Each brushstroke and each design reflects the passion and emotion experienced in each competition, as well as the special bond between mother and daughter.

María Ángeles Serna has expressed her talent in each work, capturing tenderness, brightness and elegance in her canvases. Her paintings convey the beauty and magic of rhythmic gymnastics, while Tanit Pérez has contributed her creativity and unique vision to each design, complementing and decorating her mother's paintings.

This collection is a testament to the love and connection between mother and daughter, as well as their shared passion for rhythmic gymnastics. Each work of art is an expression of his dedication and commitment to this sport, and reflects the beauty and emotion experienced on the tapestry.

We invite you to immerse yourself in this collection and let yourself be carried away by the passion and love that emerge from each work. Discover how art and sport come together in these unique creations.