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reserve date

reserve date

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Choose the date for your next jersey. Once the reservation is made, we will contact you by WhatsApp +34 686121179 to help you and specify the design you want to make. We will provide you with sizing charts and a measurement form so that you can take them yourself and send them to us if you want it made to measure. We will make a sketch with the ideas you provide us before its preparation for your approval. You will make the final payment before shipping. These reservations are only for clients who are going to make Tanitex design jerseys. Thanks to making your reservation we will be able to plan ahead and give you a personalized and orderly service. Important note : You can make your reservation in the selected month to receive your jersey up to 1 and a half months before. Each month has a limited number of places adapted to our production schedule. Once the places for each month are filled, that month will no longer be available. If you have any problems making your reservation correctly, you can contact us through our chat or email

CUSTOM DESIGN JERSEY PRICES: 1. Simple jerseys from 100 to 160 euros 2. Simple jerseys but applying decoration with paint 160 to 180 euros 3. Haute couture and elaborately painted leotards 200 to 250 euros (hand painted) Decoration with stones (100 assorted stones placed every 10 euros) Shipping to Spain and other countries, the price of transport is calculated to your destination at the time of making the reservation .

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